Dempo Shipbuilding & Engineering Pvt. Ltd (DSEPL), a committed member of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) today adopted the CII Model Code of Conduct covering Ethical Business Practices in pursuance of its avowed espousal of the values of responsible corporate citizenship (See Text of Code below). The sign-off came earlier today after Chairman Shrinivas V Dempo, the company’s Director, discussed with senior management the high desirability of affirming the group’s core commitment to Ethics and, equally, its support to the Confederation.

Prepared some time ago by the CII Committee on Integrity and Transparency in Governance, and simplified since under the chairmanship of the Confederation’s President designate, Naushad Forbes, the code stresses the nature of ethical business as a journey and recommends the voluntary adoption of the code as being an initial step in that journey.

A recommendation that  DSEPL is proud to oblige with, a code that we are honoured to sign up to, on a journey we are pledged to take in the highest ideals of integrity!

Click here to see the Model Code of Conduct.